Dryeyekit for Severe Dry Eyes

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What is special about the DRYEYEKIT for Severe Dry Eyes?

The DRYEYEKIT for Severe Dry Eyes includes 3 products to provide both immediate relief from the symptoms of dry eyes while also treating the underlying causes of dry eye syndrome. People who have been suffering with dry eyes find it hard to function with normal everyday activities and the feeling usually becomes worse during the day. Often by the end of the day your eyes feel so dry and sore, it is difficult to see clearly and enjoy working, reading, watching tv, looking at a computer screen, or even feeling comfortable chatting socially with family and friends. 

The DRYEYEKIT for Severe Dry Eyes is designed to help you create a daily routine that will prevent the build-up of bacteria in the eye, clean the eyelid glands and add a natural lubricant to keep the eyes feeling moist throughout the day. By following these 3 easy steps you will produce healthy tears and develop a habit that relieves the aggravating feeling of dry eyes and allows you to comfortably enjoy life.

One of the special features of the DRYEYEKIT for Severe Dry Eyes is that the products are based on natural ingredients drawing on the purity of ancient healing remedies in Manuka Honey, Tea Tree Oil and Coconut Oil and the healing property of Hyaluronic Acid which is produced naturally by the human body. The aim of our Optometrists in designing this kit was to minimise the use of preservatives found in most dry eye drops sold over the counter, which can sometimes exacerbate dry eye symptoms and make your eyes feel even more uncomfortable over time.

The DRYEYEKIT for Severe Dry Eyes comes in a handy waterproof zip lock bag that can store easily in the bathroom cupboard and is ready to pack and go when travelling.


What is included in the DRYEYEKIT for Severe Dry Eyes and how do I use it?

There are three steps in the DRYEYEKIT for Severe Dry Eyes:  DROP + WIPE + DROP

Each of these steps includes a product that addresses the debilitating feeling of dry eyes. By combining all 3 steps we produce a comprehensive treatment for dry eyes relieving the symptoms and providing a long-term solution enabling you to get on with your day to day life - not even noticing how your eyes feel. 

These 3 steps are independent of each other and do not have to be done in order.


Optimel Manuka Honey Dry Eye Gel: Control the growth of bacteria on the surface of the eye and eyelids.

Dispense a small amount of Gel onto the tip of a cotton bud and gently apply along the inside of the lower eyelid. Repeat on the opposite end of the cotton bud for the other eye. Apply the Gel up to 3 times per day, in the morning, around lunch time and before bed. You should begin to feel relief from dry eye symptoms within 4-5 weeks.


Blephadex Eyelid Wipes: The Blephadex Wipes help clean the Meibomian Glands and remove the crusty build up around the eyelids.

The Blephadex Eyelid Wipes can be used once a day - either in the morning or in the evening after a shower or washing your face. Gently cleanse along the eyelid margin where the eyelashes protrude using side-to-side strokes. Use one side of the wipe for one eye, then flip it and use the other side of the wipe for the other eye. If you are using the Optimel Drops at the same time as the Blephadex Wipes - use the Blephadex Eyelid Wipe first, then apply the Optimel Drops immediately afterwards.


Hylo Forte Drops: A preservative free drop to lubricate eyes throughout the day.

Apply one drop of Hylo Forte to each eye whenever your eyes are feeling dry throughout the day. You may even apply the Hylo Forte Drops during the night if your eyes are feeling dry and uncomfortable. Because the Hylo Forte Drops do not contain any preservatives you can add these drops a few times throughout the day with no negative side effects. 

Allow approximately 30 minutes after applying the Optimel Manuka Honey Dry Eye Drops before adding the Hylo Forte Drops.

What is the difference between the DRYEYEKIT and the DRYEYEKIT for Severe Dry Eyes?

There are two strengths of Optimel Manuka Honey Dry Eye products available. The Optimel Manuka Honey Dry Eye Drops have a lower concentration of Manuka Honey (165mg/g) and the Optimel Manuka Honey Dry Eye Gel has a higher concentration of Manuka Honey (980mg/g). 

The DRYEYEKIT includes the Optimel Manuka Honey Dry Eye Drops which are formulated for

  • people suffering with mild to medium dry eye symptoms
  • people who require treatment on the go through the day. The drops are more fluid and easy to apply as a drop straight from the bottle into the eye. These drops can be applied quickly and conveniently anywhere.

 The DRYEYEKIT for Severe Dry Eyes includes the Optimel Manuka Honey Dry Eye Gel which is formulated for

  • people suffering with medium to severe dry eye symptoms
  • people who are comfortable applying a more viscous gel into the eye. The gel can be applied directly or with a cotton tip along the inside of the lower eyelid. As the Optimel Gel is more viscous it feels thicker in the eye and takes a few minutes longer to dissolve into the tear film.
  • people who are sensitive to preservatives. As the Optimel Manuka Honey Dry Eye Gel is almost pure honey it does not include any preservatives and hence is ideal for people who require preservative free products.
  • The Optimel Manuka Honey Dry Eye Gel can be used to compliment the Optimel Drops - you may choose to use the drops in the morning and at lunch time and then apply the gel before bed to sleep in. However, people with severe dry eyes find using the gel 3 times per day provides the best results.

How does the DRYEYEKIT for Severe Dry Eyes help my Dry Eyes?

The most common cause of dry eyes is Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD). The Meibomian glands are located on the lower and upper eyelids and primarily function to secrete oils into the tears. These oils are critical to maintaining the structure and integrity of tears over the cornea, keeping them moist and lubricated. Unfortunately, your Meibomian glands are prone to infections by Staphylococcus which reduces functionality causing MGD and resulting in the symptoms of red, burning, gritty eyes and blurred vision.

The antibacterial Optimel Manuka Honey Dry Eye Gel acts as a natural antibiotic to prevent bacteria from colonising in the Meibomian glands and on the surface of the eye. This significantly improves tear evaporation, redness and inflammation, and tear film stability. The healing properties of the Manuka Honey creates a healthy tear film, whiter eyes, and a comfortable moist feeling on the eyes surface.

Furthermore, if the Meibomian glands become blocked or are not functioning efficiently the oil does not reach the eye surface and you feel the uncomfortable symptoms of dry eye syndrome. Blepharitis is the term used to describe the condition when the Meibomian Glands have become inflamed and are not producing good quality or enough oils for healthy tears. As a result, your eyelids and eyes become red and irritated and you may see dry crusty bits along the eyelashes. 

The Blephadex Eyelid Wipes enable a gentle massage of the lid margin, stimulating the tiny oil glands and allowing the natural oils to seep into the tears. The tea tree oil helps to kill bacteria build up in and around the glands while the coconut oil helps to soften and moisturize the glands rejuvenating and healing them for optimum efficiency. 

 The combined effect of the Optimel Manuka Honey Dry Eye Gel and the Blephadex Wipes is to encourage the natural functioning of the Meibomian glands to produce the necessary oils and maintain a healthy tear film, reducing tear evaporation and ensuring continuous lubrication of the eyes surface.

 MGD is one cause of dry eye syndrome, however, there are other reasons the tear fluid can be reduced or changed in composition. For example, as people age, they produce less tears and the structure of the tear film changes. This can be exacerbated by changing hormone levels during menopause or by other health conditions such as diabetes or rheumatism. In addition, environmental and lifestyle factors, such as long periods staring at a monitor, air conditioning, dusty environments, wearing contact lenses, injuries, and medication, can reduce or change the amount and composition of tears. 

When the eyes are not kept moist constantly throughout the day with healthy tears to protect them, not only do you feel the aggravating symptoms of dry eyes such as itching or burning, but over time the eyes surface is exposed and more at risk of inflammation, infection and scarring damage, further intensifying the dry eye disease.

Using the Hylo Forte Drops whenever your eyes feel dry throughout the day helps to keep them moistened and protected. The Hylo Forte Drops have a high concentration of hyaluronic acid (0.2%) which creates an intense moisture film on the eyes surface for an extended time, reducing friction between the eye and eyelid and limiting the chance of irritation and damage. 

The DRYEYEKIT 3 step treatment DROP-WIPE-DROP combines to provide a daily routine that immediately alleviates the dry eye symptoms and works to remove the underlying causes of dry eye syndrome.

What ingredients are included in the DRYEYEKIT products and what precautions should I take in using these products?


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