Hylo-Forte Eye Drops

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Hylo-Forte Eye Drops

What is special about Hylo-Forte Eye Drops?

If it is not unusual for your eyes to become dry and irritated throughout the day, then you need an eye drop to quickly provide lubrication. The Hylo-Forte Drops are an ideal solution to have on your desk or in your bag so you can conveniently add a drop to each eye whenever you start to notice that dry feeling - wherever you are and whatever you are doing. 

The key ingredient in the Hylo-Forte Drops is Hyaluronic Acid - which is used in many other products such as cosmetics and vitamin supplements. Hyaluronic Acid is naturally produced in the human body to help lubricate and moisten cellular tissue. The Hyaluronic acid bonds to water, increasing moisture content, promoting more soft supple skin and creating a natural lubrication between bones in the joints. Hence Hyaluronic Acid has been added to topical creams and supplements to reduce signs of dry skin and wrinkles, and promote healing and reduce pain in arthritic joints. 

Hylo-Forte Drops have been created to capture the benefits of Hyaluronic Acid in the treatment of dry eyes by retaining moisture content in the tear film and providing lubrication to the eyes surface.

In addition Hyaluronic Acid has been found to promote wound healing and reduce inflammation which reduces the discomfort and symptoms of dry eye syndrome 

Furthermore the Hylo-Forte bottle features a unique patented design called the Comod System which ensures the solution is kept sterile and cannot be contaminated by germs. This means there is no need for preservatives used in other drops which can cause allergies and impede the healing process aggravating dry eye symptoms. This means the Hylo-Forte drops can continue to be used for up to 6 months after opening.

The innovative Hylo-Forte Comod bottle design also enables one single drop to be dispensed easily - so there is less wastage and the 10ml bottle will provide at least 300 drops. Check out the Comod system here 

Another key benefit of Hylo-Forte Drops is they are compatible with all types of contact lenses - you can insert the drops into your eyes while wearing contact lenses.

How do I use Hylo-Forte Drops?

Apply 1 drop of Hylo-Forte Drops to each eye 3 - 4 times per day or whenever your eyes are feeling dry. You will immediately feel a soothing comfortable moist film across the eyes surface instantly alleviating the uncomfortable feeling of dry eyes.

Follow this link to see a detailed explanation of how to insert the Hylo-Forte Drops: here

Hylo-Forte Drops is one part of the 3-step DRYEYEKIT treatment. Dry eye symptoms will be further reduced by also using Optimel Manuka Honey Dry Eye Drops and Blephadex Wipes. The Optimel Manuka Honey Drops help to eliminate bacteria and reduce inflammation while the Blephadex Wipes help clean and remove the crusty build up around the Meibomian Glands.

How do Hylo-Forte Drops help my Dry Eyes?

The Hylo-Forte Drops are formulated with a high concentration of sodium hyaluronate (0.2%) to provide a more viscous solution which creates a long lasting smooth film in the tear fluid and an immediate feeling of soothing comfort. Because Hyaluronic acid has a high water binding capacity it creates a moist surface with less evaporation, reducing friction between the eyelid and cornea, ultimately preventing damage and irritation which will cause dry eye symptoms. 

The Hylo-Forte Drops can be added to each eye whenever you notice your eyes are feeling dry throughout the day. This ensures your eyes are well lubricated all day preventing further damage or irritation to the eyes surface. In addition as the Hylo-Forte Drops contain no preservatives you will not develop allergies from long term use of these drops.

The aggravating symptoms of Dry Eye Syndrome can be further reduced by using the Hylo-Forte Drops as part of a daily routine with the DRYEYEKIT 3-step treatment.

  1. Controlling bacteria with Optimel Manuka Honey Dry Eye Drops
  2. Creating a healthy eyelid margin with Blephadex tea tree oil lid wipes
  3. Providing optimum lubrication with Hylo-Forte, sodium hyaluronate drops

What are the ingredients in Hylo-Forte Drops?

Sodium Hyaluronate 2mg/ml, Citrate Buffer, Sorbitol, Water

Preservative FREE

Phosphate FREE

Contains 1 x 10ml Bottle


What precautions should I take in using Hylo-Forte Eye Drops?

For serious eye conditions please consult your eye health professional before use of this product. Please read instructions on the product box and insert for further information on product use, ingredients, storage and side effects. If any adverse reactions occur, please cease use of the product immediately and contact your doctor or optometrist.

Not suitable for people under the age of 12 unless under the supervision of a doctor or optometrist.

Single person use only, replace cap after use, discard  6 months after opening. Store below 25 Degrees Celsius