A 3-Step Dry Eye Treatment for Dry Eye Syndrome

Australia's Natural Solution

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Derived from natural manuka honey, tea tree and coconut oil, the DRYEYEKIT provides relief from Dry Eye Disease.

If you have been suffering with gritty eyes or dry itchy eyes this simple 3 step treatment, developed by Australian optometrists, will provide a comfortable moist feeling, unclouded vision and pure white eyes.



Step 1: Drop

Control Bacteria: use Manuka Honey Eye Drops as a natural antibiotic to eliminate bacteria.

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Step 2: Wipe

Lid Hygiene: Use the Blephadex Eyelid Wipes with tea tree and coconut oil blend to thoroughly clean your eyelids.


Step 3: Drop

Lubricate: Use Hylo Forte Drops to replace your natural tear fluid and keep your eyes comfortably lubricated all day long.


“I wear contacts and spend most days in an air conditioned office staring at a computer screen. By lunch time I felt as though my contacts were sticking to my eyes. I've been using the DRYEYEKIT for a few months now and I can comfortably wear contacts all day long – what a relief!!"

Matthew, 51, QLD

“I used to feel a scratchy, dry sensation in my eyes which would get worse throughout the day, by the afternoon they were dry beyond belief! Since using the Manuka Honey Eyedrops my eyes are cured, no more discomfort, no more dry eyes!”

Julia, 35, NSW

“My eyes used to burn and I would often be rubbing them – trying to find relief. I'd tried almost everything before coming across the DRYEYEKIT. Now I don’t have those watery excess tears and my eyes feel healthy again – it's the only treatment that has actually worked for me."

Rosie, 67, VIC